Saturday, 5 January 2013


My darling sasspots. What an epic night and testament to moon-level radness.

First of all thank you to everyone who came and concocted all the pure vibe-a-thon that made the night what it was. Happy (and not at all surprised) to report that there were no security incidents and no damage to the building or amenities whatsoever.

Well... Except that every hold in the entire place had to be tightened because the bass loosened them all. Heh heh heh. 

A huge huge thank you to Andrew Coffey and the whole staff at the Hive Climbing Gym.  They worked their ASSES off, right up until the last little beer can was removed. Huge respect. In ebbing times like these for the underground venues we are so so reliant upon community-minded thinkers who can find it in themselves to TRUST. I hope it inspires more people to come forward; and helps us to see all the little sparkly little loopholes peaking out everywhere in our city. Thank you.

Thank you to Darby, Doug & Dana and Application in general for runnin' it. Pretty sure we're ruined. We only now want to perform on stages made up entirely of speakers. ;)

Thank you to Mike Awesome who conceived, designed & built the spaceship booth and as always, lives up to his name.

Thank you to the Mousai Grrls who are just touching the base of all the stages they will be gracing with their lovely sass spirits. Respect & huge love for all the work that gets put into what you do, and for finding it in yourself to collab and cooperate with each other so intimately and intensely. That's the key right thurrrrr. Ups from us over here at Sweet Soul. 

Thank you to Jenn, Andrew (Eradik), Max, Michael, Andrea, Josh (Kir Mokum) for bringing in all the most heavy hitting, ass-kicking music from the future. Uh, SO AWESOME.

Cherry (who brought the PRETT-EH and did it oh-so well), Willis & I would also like to thank our team of fabulous staff & volunteers:

Cara Milk (particularly)
Jon Webster
Jim Heyyyyyy and the bar staff
Cadine & Rhia
Dixie & Honey
Nicole Boulleau
Che & the hella dope East Van Security Team

Amber Hately
Joffrey Middleton Hope
Peter Booth
Fraser Plows
Lucas Captain
Daniel Taylor
Jon Bierman
Shwa Keirstead
Fairlyn Fahina
Sara Fahina
John Richardson
Mike Kroetsch
Zach Hyde
Jamie Tusk (who did that crazy awesome poster.

... hopefully I'm not forgetting anyone (please feel free to let me know if I am). OH, and, in the true nature of the radess of this community, a magic girl named Kim who no one actually knows and who just showed up to help all day, then disappeared into the ether. You are awesome. (Where the eff did you go?)

Seriously e'rrrbody. That was some crazzziness. Thank you.
What a way to bring in all the newness.

OHHH!! Wait! THE PHOTOS:!i=2306116605&k=bmX8qj6 

  Enjoy. 'Til next time. ;)

Huge love
 Crystal Precious

Monday, 31 December 2012


Alright Sasspops, we're set for take-off!

The location for Moonlight NYE 2013 is 520 Industrial Avenue, about 3 blocks east of Main St @ The Hive Climbing Gym.

If you don't have a ticket we apologize... but we are completely SOLD OUT.
Doors open at 10pm.

STRICT DRESS CODE: Black, White & Silver.
There will be a coat check for $3 per person (not per item).

BRING ENOUGH CASH. Please remember there is no cash machine on site, and the bar does not accept credit cards or visa cards.

ABSOLUTELY NO OUTSIDE ALCOHOL. Backpacks & large bags will be searched.

Please be discerning about who you give this address to. As we mentioned this party is 100% legal (legal assembly capacity & liquor licensed) but it does go late and is close-ish to downtown.... so it's important to us that it stays on the down-low to maintain our friends and family vibe.

Thank you so so much for trusting us with your night, and for making this event possible, and for proving that Vancouver's underground continues to thrive. Always.


Huge love,

Sweet Soul Burlesque & SHAHdjs

Friday, 28 December 2012


Greetings Glass City Space Travelers! 

Huge love & holiday wishes to all as tonight's long-night full moon beautifully foreshadows our imminent sass culmination. Trust, we are PUMPED - venue looks SICK... magic vibes circling round each glittering silver star. :)

We urge you to make sure you get your tickets sorted as soon as you are able. There are only a handful left at each Puff location and less than 10 at the Fall. We have also decided to release 25 tickets at Beatstreet, available now, in case you are in the neighbourhood. Online ticket sales will continue until we are sold out, or until Sunday evening... whichever comes first. We're getting close. Jump onnnnit.   UPDATE: WE ARE NOW SOLD OUT. PLEASE SEE BELOW FAQ FOR INFO ABOUT GETTING IN IF YOU DON'T HAVE A TICKET.

Monday at 6pm PT we will be posting the exact address for the event on the location page of this blog. If you purchased tickets online, you will receive an e-mail with the location on Monday. We will tell you that it is close-ish to Main & Terminal, and that it is the same (now completely renovated) location as last year's Warriors of Time event.

Some Important FAQ's we've had: 

Q: Why all the secrecy about the location? 
 A: This is NOT an illegal event. The location has been approved for capacity and is intended for mass occupancy. All licenses & insurance have been acquired. This is just to keep the event close-knit & chock-full of fam vibes, especially after the downtown bars close. We would like to keep this event intimate and comfortable for you and for our staff.

Q: Do I HAVE to wear black, white and/or silver? 
A: Hellz yeah.

Q: I don't have a ticket / I already have a ticket to something else earlier in the evening, but I heard you are going until late. Will I be able to get in if I come by late?
A: Maybe. It really just depends whether or not we still are at capacity when you show up. At the beginning of the night we will allow a good while to allow all our ticket holders to arrive, and then we will be admitting people at the door as others leave. We will probably stop letting new people in altogether around 4am (although the party will continue inside until a bit later).

Q: How much will tickets be at the door? Will there be a cash machine on site or nearby?
A: THERE IS NO CASH MACHINE at or around the venue. The closest one is about 3-4 blocks away, which is annoying for you if it's raining, so please, BRING CASH. The bar does not accept credit cards or debit cards.

Q: Will there be a coat check?
A: Yes. And nice attractive people working there.

Any other questions can be directed to

See you all soon darlings. 



Wednesday, 5 December 2012


Yeeeeeow Sasskitties,

Ok so EARLY BIRDS ($30) are now officially all sold out with GENERAL ADMISSION ($40) tickets still moving fairly quickly. Please buy your tickets as soon as you can to avoid disappointment... as with most pop-up underground events we are renting / sourcing & bringing everything in ourselves (sound, lights, decor) so unlike a show at a conventional club, we won't really be able to have a guestlist. We've tried our best to keep tickets reasonable instead... so please, support & plan ahead!

So far the names coming through on online ticket receipts are all rad family faces (i.e. your peeps if you got this link) and we're really pumped about the venue's evolution & our plans... vibes will be at maximum.

Time Slots:   
11pm J.F. KILLAH
***Midnight Countdown & performance by Mousai Entertainment***
12:15am MAX ULIS
2:30 am ***Sweet Soul Burlesque Moonlight Cabaret****

Don't forget about the BLACK / WHITE / SILVER dress code! Doesn't have to be fancy, but if you feel like it, please do by ALL means. I know us Sweet Soul grrlz have been DYING for a party where we can get dressed up to the nines! For ideas click the DRESS CODE tab on the right.

K. We're really excited to see e'rrrbody.... like old times. Except new times! Of sass.

The divine Lola Frost will be gracing us with her starlight (photo: Voodoo Bill)

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

'Supppppppp Sasspots!!

Wow... it's been a minute. Hard to believe what's happened in the three years since we handed over our Dollhouse keys and stepped towards more stages and nightclubs across this gorgeous piece of the planet.

Evolution makes way for nostalgia.
And with the end of this catapulting year we couldn't resist.
Like silent film, so innovative in its time, so perfect now for projecting along huge walls of sound. Amazing.

How about a secret cabaret and grand ballroom set as though on the moon? Dancing supernovas and starlit magic abound, all the while reverting to what can still remain safely underground.

Everything a circle. Everything in motion. This is our moon phase.

The tech-heavy edge of SHAH Events come together once again with the vintage showgrrls of Sweet Soul Burlesque to bring you deep bass homage to the past & future constant.

Moonlight - A NYE Black & White Ball.

Same secret venue. More radness refinement. Bigger capacity. More decor. More crew collaboration. More fabulousness.

2013 - We dance in the morning moonlight... hope you can join us darlings.

kisses n' lix n' wiggly bitz,

Artwork by Jamie Abugov (Tusk)

...with warm shout out to Frum Later for his most excellent lunar contributions